Wednesday, October 19, 2005

BREAKING NEWS! Ohio GOP Suicide Pact???

Ah...if only it were true. For the full story behind this Ohio Statehouse photo of the way things ought to be, visit The Onion, which is the inspiration for many of The Mockingbird's stories.

In the meantime, you have my permission to pretend there really was a suicide pact between members of the Ohio GOP.

Dare to dream.


Anonymous Lacking Integrity said...

Ohio Republican Party suggests
"Stockdale" and "Allen" lack Integrity ?

Recent Blog Post
Sent: Thursday, November 03, 2005 8:23 PM
Subject: Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Lisa Allen Charged with "Theft".

When Judge Lisa Allen can't "Shoot the Messenger" she steals the message. Opponent, Jonathan Dameron, has been campaigning on the platform that Lisa Allen is chronically late. Dameron claims Allen the wife,( or former wife, no one knows) of the courthouse adulterer, Michael Allen, is habitually late for court while police, victims, attorneys and defendants are all waiting for her to show up "Late again"

It is a well know joke at the courthouse and guaranteed to bring a laugh when anyone asks: "Was Allen on Time today ?"

Well, the Cincinnati Bar association, on Allen stated: "....... some expressed concerns about her punctuality."

The convicted "Taft" appointed Allen could not shake the trail of tardiness, so she told the Cincinnati Post that it was that adulterers fault. Well, guess what, she was "Late for Court" the same day the Post article ran. Additionally, she had the "FOP" draft propaganda stating that the reason they endorsed her was because she was considerate of Police officers time in court.

She couldn't fight reality, so Allen just incorporated Dameron's platform into her literature piece. The mailer misleads the voter and asks for votes stating: "police belong on the street, not in a waiting room" and additionally stating "importance should be placed on getting our police back on the street."

The literature piece was paid for by the Ohio Republican Party who is also being accused of misrepresentation in the "Stockdale" - "Rucker" comparable literature mailer. Stockdale, through concealed omission, suggests that he is the only candidate endorsed by the Cincinnati Bar Association.

It is believed that the judicial candidates have attempted to circumvent the cannon code by having the state party pay for the piece. Stockdale's and Allen's recent campaign financial disclosures suggest that a donation was made from their campaigns to the Hamilton County Republican party and then used to pay for the literature pieces the state party paid for. Having the state party make the misrepresentations creates the false belief that candidates will have plausible denial regarding strict cannon code governing judicial races.

Rumor has it, complaints will be filed with the Elections Commission.

Sounds like they are up to their old tricks ?

November 04, 2005  

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