Wednesday, October 19, 2005

State GOP Official: Shut Up and Sit Down!

Columbus, OH – In a startling newsletter, state GOP committeeman John Becker made it known that his own views are more in line with that of a communist dictatorship than anything resembling a conservative party that believes strongly in fielding the best candidates our conservative state has to offer.
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“I stand with my fellow corrupt GOP Officials here in Columbus, people like Bob Taft, Larry Householder, and Brett Buerk, when they endorse weak, RINO candidates like Mike DeWine.  To that end, I hope that nobody challenges Jean Schmidt in the primary next spring.”

Becker refused to elaborate on his statement, as is typical of the Columbus GOP mentality these days.  

One can only guess that the pressure on the Ohio Republican Party is causing Becker and other GOP officials to seek the easiest solution to their immediate problems rather than investing a little time and effort to fix the problem the right way.

The Second Congressional District should be the flagship of the Ohio GOP.  For within the confines of Warren, Clermont, Hamilton, Pike, Scioto and Adams county reside the most staunchly conservative voters in the entire state – perhaps even the entire country.  Without this rich bastion of support, the Ohio GOP wouldn’t be the party in power right now.

And yet, John Becker is advocating that Second District voters merely accept Jean Schmidt as their representative because she won an 11-way primary by little more than a handful of votes last June.

And you know what?  If Jean Schmidt REALLY IS the best representative for the most conservative district in the state, then I might be inclined to accept what Becker says.

Unfortunately, the special election last spring did not afford voters an ample opportunity to evaluate the candidates in a fair manner.  Consider the following:

  1. The campaign was purposely shortened.  Bob Taft purposely set the date as soon as possible after Portman left as a favor to Senator Mike DeWine – all in an effort to help the Columbus GOP ram Patrick DeWine down our throats.  You will recall that Pat DeWine was the frontrunner at the time.  This shortened campaign did not allow voters to learn much about the other candidates in the race.

  2. The battle was largely portrayed as a two-way race, with Tom Brinkman coming on strong in the last week.  Schmidt only popped up on the radar after the Enquirer ran an endorsement of Schmidt.

  3. Many Second District voters liked both McEwen AND Brinkman.  Both are staunch conservatives and favorites of the family values voters.  While Schmidt is certainly a social conservative (her recent pro-homosexual vote in Congress notwithstanding), she can hardly be called a fiscal conservative.  For this reason, many people believe that Brinkman and McEwen peeled votes from each other.  Remove either one or the other from this race, and the outcome could have been much different.

  4. Schmidt benefited greatly from running in 4th place throughout the short campaign.  Attack ads primarily focused on McEwen, and Brinkman (thanks for nothing, Joe Deters), with DeWine and Schmidt getting only scant attention.  

In the end, Schmidt cobbled together a slightly less paltry plurality of votes than McEwen - 31% to 26% – meaning that 69% of second district primary voters didn’t vote for her.  That’s still better than the other candidates, but again, if one factors in the McEwen/Brinkman overlap, it’s easy to see that Schmidt might not be the top choice of all voters in the district in a head to head campaign.

But all this seems to be lost on Becker and the old-school state GOP folks.  They are running scared right now, despite the fact that no significant Democratic challenger has emerged (nor will they stand a chance anyway).  

If the Second District faced a difficult Democratic Challenger in the general election, I might even be somewhat sympathetic to Becker’s sentiments.  But in the end, I am a conservative.  And conservatives don’t believe in getting free passes and handouts.  We believe our leaders should EARN their rightful place in elected office by proving they are the best possible candidate for the job.  

A head to head primary between Jean Schmidt and either Bob McEwen or Tom Brinkman would give the Second District (and the state GOP) exactly what we need going into the mid-term elections in November – a strong conservative leader who earned the right to go to Washington D.C. by defeating a determined challenger in a head-to-head primary campaign.

Here’s hoping the state GOP folks start acting like real conservatives, and soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ohio GOP is a bunch of corrupt idiots. Jean Schmidt is one of THEM.

Screw Becker. I hope McEwen runs for Senate and Brinkman takes the House seat.

I'm sick of RINOs - this state needs an enema. An "Enema of the State"

October 19, 2005  
Blogger Patrick said...

HAHA. That's a good one. It might be the title of my next entry! LOL

October 19, 2005  
Anonymous anyone but becker said...

becker is a fool. now he wants to be a state senator!! HA! i'll never vote for that hateful, closed minded man.

November 25, 2008  

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